Excavations at Gird-i Shamlu
A Late Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Settlement in the Shahrizor Plain

The Early Bronze Age 1 occupation

The Early Bronze Age 1 occupation at Gird-i Shamlu has been attested at the southern base of the mound and a hilled area on the southern side of Wadi Shamlu, which probably has been cut from the lower town by a change of the water course. Architectural remains dating to this period were uncovered in Sector 3. Three rooms of a mud-brick house were excavated. One room yielded a rich context with a pyrotechnical installation, that probably served the preparation of food.

Room with pyrotechnical installation in Sector 3.

The pottery inventory found in this room consists of one jar painted with scarlet and black color (so called scarlet ware), one beveled rim bowl and several large open bowls. Furthermore, a clay sealing, showing a symposium scene with two figures holding cups on a boat was retrieved from the ashy fill of the pyrotechnical installation. According to the marks on its back, the sealing was had obviously been attached to a shouldered jar, the mouth of which appears to have been closed a cloth and rope.

Finds from the room found around and in the oven.